Beijing Conference

    Beijing Conference Center located in Chao Yang District£¬ captured 513,000 square-meters, the grass captured 340£¬000 square-meters and water captured 46£¬600 square-meters. The building in the center are well organized. There are trees besides all the paved road. The beautiful fountain and amazing stones reflect each other on the night square. It is a conference, leisure and entertainment center.

    Beijing Conference Center have 6 hotel buildings and 327 standard rooms and diverse suites. The restaurant could afford 900 people banquet and have south, north, southeast, northeast style food and Beijing Duck and so on. It also offers ballrooms, tennis, bowling, simulated golf, swimming, Turkish bath room, sauna, fitness room, beauty salon and so on.

    Beijing Conference Center has a name of "The village in the city, the oasis in the hullabaloo". There are spotted deer, black swan, wild duck, pigeon etc. kind of animals for your enjoyment.

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