XFocus Information Security Conference

    XCon2006 the Fifth Information Security Conference will be held in Beijing, China, during August 22-24, 2006. China has long been known as a famous cultural country, while Beijing is the most splendid place in its history. It can date back to 1000 BC, when our ancestors already live and multiplied here and 34 emperors issued orders and govern the nation successively. There has been a very mysterious atmosphere around this old culture city, in which we express our advancements and personalities, exchange our technologies and experiences, and share our achievements and excellences.
    August is the season of harvest, as well as share. These security professionals at the vanguard of leading information security technology will share research and unique experience with zealots from all over the world, and the speakers to be presented in the conference are among the best, the most intelligent. These professionals have assembled unique new material that they will present at this conference to help you maintain your leadership in this severely competitive technological field, and it must be the most memorable experience in your life journey.
    This three-day conference will be held in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, which will provide an international communion platform for the information security professionals,technicians,security supervisors,managers, and hacker technology fans. They say their says and show themselves as much as they like. It is not only a brilliant symposium, but more importantly, a "party", a "party" to share the joy of success.
    Welcome to our event and discover amazing China! Don't hesitate, and join us!

Last Update: 2006-10-1

XCon2006 News
  • Xcon2006 closed successful on Aug 24th, 2005

  • XCon2006
    Open Time : 2006-8-22 To 2006-8-24
    Address : Beijing Conference Center < Detail >
    Conference Schedule : < Details >
    Speaker Party: B105 Bar < Detail >

    XCon2006 Presentation & Documents :
    Speaker Presentation
    Adrian Marinescu Windows Vista Heap Management Enhancements ĘC Security, Reliability and Performance <PDF>
    CoolQ & YuXiang Luo & Ce Meng Automatic Code Audit With GCC <PDF>
    Darkne2s & A1rsupp1y Decode PHP Zend <PDF>
    Dave Aitel Microsoft System RPC Fuzz <PDF>
    Enrique Sanchez Nhacker: A Neural Hacker <PDF>
    Fabrice Marie Host-based Application Intrusion Prevention Systems <PDF>
    Funnywei Vulnerability Discovery 's Past, Present, Future <PDF>
    Hectic Database Data Repair and Some Security Poblem <PDF>
    Zhuting Pan Trusted and Security <PDF>
    Matt Conover Assessment of the Windows Vista Security Model <PDF>
    Yngwie The Application of the Virtual Machine Technique Under x86 On Security Field <PDF>
    Saumil Shah Writing Metasploit Plugins From Vulnerability To Exploit <PDF>
    Yanhui Tu NTFS File System Kernel Analysis and Database Security <PDF>

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