• Fee Detail:
  • The registration fee contains all the snacks and lunches during the conference (from 08/15/2012 to 08/16/2012) and the materials of XCon2012.
Registration and Payment Before 05/01/2012 Registration and Payment Before 06/15/2012 Registration and Payment Before 08/01/2012 Registration and Payment At Door
USD $500USD $550USD $600USD $700
  • Please mail us your registration information, and it should covered on Lastmame, Firstname, EMail, Company, Country, City, Address, Postal Code, Special Diet(None, Vegetarian, Muslim).Please write the subject: XCon2012 Registration. Then, we will send you the expense information.
  • The E-Mail address is xcon@huayongxingan.com
  • The XCon organizing committee will book the room of JIN TAI Hotel for you at a better price , if you want .  XCon2012 Room reservation
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